Monday, 28 June 2010

My first piece brought to life

This is where it all started for me, as soon as i got it into my head i wanted to learn how to make jewellery i began researching the materials i would need and promptly ordered them. I fell in love with the natural beauty of semi precious gemstones and these are the main feature of all my jewellery. I do also incorporate Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls in some pieces. I had come up with so many design ideas in a variety of styles and colour combinations but this is the one i knew i wanted to create first. I loved the asymmetric design and the stunning colours which really catch the eye. I used large pieces of turquoise and slightly smaller ovals in brown obsidian; the brown speckles on the turquoise means these two semi precious stones compliment each other perfectly. The other half of the necklace is made from two strands of blue tiger eye chips which give a strong colour. I then added two rows of turquoise AB Swarovski crystals to give this necklace a real touch of glamour. If you particularly like this necklace then it can of course be found in my shop


  1. that's a really beautiful necklace!

    Sharon :)

  2. ooo.. i like the color of this. keep up the great work!